To use the Base HP Calculator, enter the level of each building in the column next to the building name. If a building has not been built or has been scrapped, enter a zero for its level. The calculator will update the HP for that building based on its level and calculate each building percentage of the entire base's HP. Default settings are for a fully built out base. Cell protection is used to prevent incorrect levels from being entered.

To determine Bubble / Star thresholds when being attacked, enter a "Y" by each building that has been destroyed. The calculator will determine the % HP destroyed and display a message if the bubble or star thresholds have been crossed.

Thanks to PriceIsWrong from Battle Vortex for suggesting this calculator, and xnih from BP Info for giving the base hitpoint data.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Outpost 6 Update

I added the Outpost 6, Dock 11, Resource Generators 11, and Labs 11.  Also added 2 more turrets.  Dock 11 health is estimated at 7050 based on progression from previous levels.

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